Therapy Dogs Bring Comfort to Students on College Campuses

Many students may find college to be tough. The strain of balancing a social life, exams, and the school can be detrimental to one’s mental health. This is why numerous colleges and universities across the country have launched therapy dog programs. The effectiveness of these methods in lowering student stress and providing comfort has been demonstrated.

Therapy dogs are particularly trained to offer individuals comfort and emotional support. These dogs are typically calm and friendly, making them ideal for socializing with stressed or anxious individuals. For many years, therapy dogs have been utilized in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. In recent years, however, they have gained popularity on college campuses.

Many benefits are associated with therapy dogs on college campuses. Spending time with a therapy dog has been found to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and enhance feelings of happiness and well-being. Access to therapy dogs can be a beneficial resource for college students, who frequently experience high levels of stress.

A number of schools and universities bring therapy dogs to campus during finals week. While they prepare for exams, students are frequently under a significant amount of stress and anxiety throughout this time. The presence of therapy dogs can ease some of this anxiety and calm students who are feeling overwhelmed.

In addition to providing comfort during finals week, college campuses utilize therapy dogs in other ways. Some colleges, for instance, bring therapy dogs to orientation events or the first week of courses to help students feel more at home on campus. Several schools have programs in which therapy dogs make regular visits to the library or other common areas, allowing students to interact with them throughout the semester.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a place that has a therapy dog program that works well. During the year, therapy dogs are brought to campus at UCLA, including during finals week. Students have liked the program, and many of them have said that being around the dogs makes them feel calmer and less anxious.

Virginia Commonwealth University is another institution with a successful therapy dog program (VCU). Therapy dogs are brought to campus during finals week, midterms, and other stressful times of the year at Virginia Commonwealth University. The program has been expanded to include trips to the university’s medical center and other facilities due to its immense success.

Therapy dogs are often thought of as being good for mental health, but they can also be good for physical health. Studies have shown, for instance, that spending time with a therapy dog can reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Access to therapy dogs can be a very important way for college students, who may be more likely to get sick because of stress, to stay healthy.

Therapy dog programs are good for students, but they can also be good for dogs. Numerous therapy dogs are rescue animals that may have had a tough start to life. Working as a therapy dog can offer them a sense of purpose and love.

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